What if an Atheist Saw God?

What if an atheist saw god?

An arab atheist sitting in a bedroom spots Gabriel, the proclaimed angel sent by god himself, opening his bedroom window to deliver him a message. The atheist —like any sane person, assumes he is either dreaming or hallucinating, so he gets up, washes his face and heads back to his bedroom only to see Gabriel yet again waiting for him. The situation is terrifying, but of course Gabriel calms him down and assures him he means no harm.

Meeting preparations:

Gabriel explains that the message he holds is that god wants to reveal himself to him. The atheist is confused and demands to know why, so Gabriel tells him that god has listened to his messages and that he wants to show him that he is neither imaginary or myth and that he really does exist. Still in shock, the atheist accepts the offer since neither he nor anyone on the planet will be harmed.

The meeting:

A fraction of a second later (approximately 3 days on earth) god reveals himself to the atheist, while he is at college, screaming “Hey atheist” the atheist looks up to see a blinding light.

God: I’ve been told you don’t believe I exist.

Atheist: I still do not.

God: but you can see me.

Atheist: but what if you’re just some alien that read the Quran and wants to mess with me?

God: but I am god, I assure you

Atheist: maybe you’re just a hologram put by a group of scientist that want to trick me or take over the world

God: that’s not possible, you don’t have that kind of technology yet

Atheist: what if you’re just one of the many gods and you just wanted to have some fun by posing as someone else, how can I be sure?

God: because I am god, there are no other gods but me.

Atheist: what if I were in a virtual world and all I see now are just some lines of code to study humans like me?

God: how dare you compare me to lines of code.

Atheist: what if you were the devil himself, and you wrote all the holy books to distract people.

God: I hold secrets in my creations

Atheist: why do you wish to prove your exist to me in particular? Why not everyone else?

God: for a purpose that i only know.

Lesson to be learned:

The way the universe exists might leave room for the existence of a god, but the human mind can not comprehend his existence even if he did exist. Why would you follow the feeling in your gut? Maybe that feeling can be controlled. Why would your eyes believe what it does not understand? Why believe books whose authors you can’t be sure of? Seeing god is not proof of his existence, but rather evidence of an existing higher power more advanced than the human mind of which can not be linked to the abrahamic god exclusively.

Even if you went up to the heavens, went to hell and burned there for a billion years, you still won’t be sure that you’re not in a virtual reality or that this creature isn’t acting out historical stories at a school play about intelligence and superpowers.

This might all sound like nonsense to you but if you did believe in a power as great as that of a god, then you also have to assume that there is yet another higher power. Why not? Why must the human imagination halt on a god’s power? Why must you assume that there are no aliens with advanced technology messing with us? Is that not more rational than the idea of a god?

The evidence:

When an atheist demands to see god to believe in his existence, then he probably uses that demand for discussion purposes only. Seeing god won’t be sufficient, in fact it will only help him to grow more suspicious and to question everything more than ever before.

Logically speaking, there’s no evidence that can be provided to prove the existence of god. Any evidence of a supernatural power will only push us deeper into the unknown than we already are. For this, the idea of believing in god alone seems like an irrational request from god; he knows that it is not possible for some thing like the human brain to comprehend or be sure of a higher power and define its intentions and goals or even its credibility