The Most Sensitive and Aggressive Nation of All Times

It’s almost the one and only religion that does not tolerate criticism, and when being criticized rage and fury are guaranteed, even this article will get its own share of hatred, angry comments and death threats; but here I am ready!

This problem is not only with Wahhabits and Salafists, although they are the ones who often get mad and make judgments, this excessive sensitivity is present within all Islamic doctrines.

I would’ve understood this sensitivity from followers of a religion that doesn’t get involved in others’ businesses, like “live your life and let others live theirs”, But Muslims are the ones who always preach about their religion to the point where they use dirty and immoral ways to do so, and mock all other religions.

Often on social media you can see the barbarism of the “best nation created for mankind” as they say. Just a few months ago in Syria, a missile was launched by some filthy terrorists and killed several citizens including two Christians girls.

Dina Nathem Yazaji and Gharis Suheil al Khouri,
Dina Nathem Yazaji and Gharis Suheil al Khouri

The news appeared on Facebook, condemning the attack and considered the two christian victims martyrs as equal to Muslims. Minutes after the news, it rained angry comments from people disliking the use of the word “martyrs” to refer to a non Muslim person, and they didn’t take in account the feelings of anyone, nor they showed any compassion or humanity, even one of them said: “God! the one who launched the missile, you killed some fine “Sabaya” ( means women captives )”, and this comment gained of course the most likes from “the best nation created for mankind”, and the funny thing is most of the comments were from Germany.

Two Christians girls decided to stay in their homeland despite the all threats and difficulties and didn’t choose to seek shelter in Europe like thousands of others refugees looking for peace, died in a terrorist attack, so how dare you complain or even get mad for them  being called martyrs while you are living safely in Europe?! What kind of hypocrisy is this?! Do followers of other religions attack your Facebook pages when there are victims among your side and complain about the use of the word martyrs?! Do you even think you invented that word?!

Another incident is that of a saudi man sentenced to death for renouncing Islam, and the top comment was from a guy in Australia who appears unfortunately to have symptoms of Salafism who said: “Damn you all! If he didn’t like the rules of his country then he could’ve left! The west always shows this kind of news but what about Burma?!”

Not even a single Muslim condemned the act, not even one of those who mock and attack others, those who insult with rage secular pages on Facebook whenever they try to talk about a subject, not one of those who keep yelling: “this is not free speech! Respect my beliefs! What has Islam ever done to you to criticize it?!”

With all this aggressiveness that Muslims show towards those who don’t agree with them, and with their love to take control and impose their beliefs on others, they expect from everyone to remain silent and do nothing, and if you make fun of or even criticize their religion using logic, you’ll either face insults or you’ll receive death threats, or the typical yelling “respect my faith!”

I don’t understand from where do they get this arrogance and superiority complex, I mean they are either refugees in the west or at wars between themselves. Where are their scientific and industrial achievements?

They can’t even make a single car, the “cow worshipers” that they always make fun of day and night are already exploring space, yet they still search in their books about “proofs of the legitimacy of taking captives” or “sexual slaving”.

they became a mob that doesn’t relate to religions at all, their ways are already a proof of that, they talk a lot but they know nothing, they think they’re going to conquer Europe with their high level of fecundity not knowing that the next generations are going to throw away their backward ideologies.

Maybe it’s because of their inferiority complex, it is said that those who fear the slightest criticism, are the most who fear losing faith.