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The Following Drone Photos From The “Dronestagram Annual Photo Contest” Will Amaze You !!

Photography is just another form of art

The Dronestagram contest has been held annually for the past 5 year, which the best photo taken by a drone is chosen. Here are some of the best photos that were taken by drones

The first pirze winner “Hungry Hippos” by Zekerdrone.

The second prize winner, “Fishing Boat”, Vietnam, by Trung Pham.

قارب صيد في فييتنام

The third prize winner “2 People, 2 Dogs, and 4 Shadows”, by Qliebin.

اثنين من الكلاب، اثنين من الأشخاص، وأربعة ظلال

The rest of the photos are from the contest and we think you’ll absolutely love them and think they are no less beautiful than the winners

4- “Hon Khoi Salt Field”, Vietnam, by Trung Pham.

Hon Khoi Salt Field, Vietnam By Trung Pham

5- “Lion Vs Drone”, by Bachirm.

Lion Vs Drone By Bachirm

6- “Harvest Water Lilies”, by Tuan Nguyen.

Harvest Water Lilies By Tuan Nguyen

7- “A Collapsed Truck In Russia” by Drone Nest.

A Collapsed Truck In Russia By Drone Nest

8- “Lightning Over Kuala Lampur”, by Pete Demarco.

Lightning Over Kuala Lumpur By Pete Demarco

9- “Fish Shaped Island”, Croatia, by Milan Photo.

Fish shaped island in Croatia By Milan Photo

10- “The Red Umbrella”, by Caesarpmr.

The Red Umbrella By Caesarpmr

11- “The Infamous Half Desert Road”, Dubai, by Whosame.

Shot Over The Infamous Half Desert Road In Dubai By Whosane

12- “A New Bridge”, Ukraine, by Maxwebb.

A New Bridge In Ukraine By Maxwebb

13- “Sai Gon By Night”, by Tuan Nguyen.

Sai Gon By Night By Tuan Nguyen

14- “Harvesting Tea Leaves”, by Tuan Nguyen.

Harvesting Tea Leaves By Tuan Nguyen

15- “The Projects”, Brooklyn, By Sanllacer.

The Projects In Brooklyn By Sanllacer

16- “Cast A Net, By Tuan Nguyen.

Cast A Net By Tuan Nguyen

17- “Les 3 Volcans”, by Dronecopters.

Les 3 Volcans By Dronecopters

18- “Winter Ice”, by Photographersworld.

Winter Ice By Photographersworld

19- “The Sunset”, By Pascal Biomez.

20- “Peace”, Madrid,  By Luckydron.

21- “ombreggiando”, by stefano.

22- “Step of Progress”, by Victor Lmesi.

23- “Next Level”, by Macrareuxprod

24- “Holiday in TOMAMU N FURANO”, by Imnihonjin.

25- “Umhlanga Pier”, by “Polla Vos”.