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Seven Surviving Methods That Will Kill You

Sucking the venom from a snakbite, or eating snow for hydration won’t work !

Many of us like to accept the fact that surviving during a crisis or a certain accident is not hard and it is doable in a non-complex way; Usually TV shows and movies are the biggest promoters for such thoughts were you can see someone that survived alone in the forest (not Michael Scott though) or after being attacked by a wild animal, or stuck in the middle of nowhere using some methods and techniques that look simple and efficient, but in fact they are just simple with no efficiency at all.

Here are some of the most famous surviving methods that you’ve probably seen or heard of before:

1- Punching a shark in the nose:

You are surfing somewhere in California when you see a cute shark fin diving towards you, now you must act swiftly to avoid becoming that shark’s meal, and the commonly known method for that is punching the shark in the nose which is widely believed it will cause the shark to dive away. Well, unfortunately, it is not that easy; punching a shark in the nose would only make it angrier and you just gave it a good extra reason to attack you more.


In fact, sharks are not hostile towards humans as commonly known, really they are only curious for the creatures moving on the surface. Punching an animal with sharp teeth packed mouth will most likely cause a hard bite ripping your arm off, and even if you succeed with your Tyson’s ability to land a successful hit, the shark will back off for one minute before diving again towards you with the sweet motivation you gave it.

2- Hiding under a door during earthquakes:

Hiding under a door like what they do in movies was efficient at some point of time but not anymore. A few decades ago, property construction was different where doors were usually stronger than most other components of the building. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore where doors are not as strong, and it would be pointless to try using it as a shield. Your best option would be hiding under a very solid table but even those are a little rare to find in the market for a reasonable price.

زلزال تحت الطاولة

3- Laying down on the ground during a thunderstorm

It takes one lighting to kill you, and one common method people tend to use is laying down on the ground. Here’s a fact, the lightning charge does not get neutralized the second it hits the ground, it spreads in cycles around the strike point, this will damage and burn your body if you are laying down.


The best way would be to run since the more you move, the less probability you will be in the striking point or find a low position and sit in a squatting position where only the feet touching the ground, this reduces the area the lightning might strike.

4- Sucking the venom from a snake’s bite

سم الافعى

Everyone have seen this method being used in any movie with a snake in it, but this does not work in real life because the sucked venom could get into the person’s body if there are any wounds or openings in the mouth; in addition, that might cause different bacteria that live in the mouth to find a way through the wound causing dangerous implications.

5- Snow as an alternative for water

Image result for eating snow

It sounds reasonable to use snow instead of water since it’s only water in a different physical state. If you’re in a bad situation where you need water and have access to snow then most likely you are in a cold area; eating snow would cause your body temperature to drop significantly every time you eat some, eventually increasing the chances of you freezing to death. Therefore, the best way would be wrapping the snow with your clothes without it touching your skin where it melts due to the body temperature surrounding it without a major drop in the body temperature.

6- Drinking urine when stuck without water

شرب البول

You have probably seen a movie where someone drinks their own urine to stay alive when they run out of water and do not have any water sources or stuck in the middle of the ocean. In addition to the disgust many people might get, drinking your urine is definitely does not solve the problem because the human body gets rid of the extra water and minerals because it does not need it, and putting that back in your body would cause it to dry faster and harming your body.

7- Cactus juice instead of water

If you’re lost in the desert where water is rare, cutting a cactus to the center and using its liquid as a water alternative might sound reasonable, but in reality it isn’t because the cactus water would make you nauseous and even if you tend to tolerate or like the taste it would cause your body to dry rapidly causing more damage than not consuming it at all.