Seven Examples That Prove We Don’t Have Freedom of Choice

Do you think you have freedom of choice? Think Again!

1- The Pick a Country Game

Pick a country, any country and say its name out loud, of course you picked the country, right? How many countries did you think of before choosing this one? Did you display the choices before picking, or did your brain give you a certain number of choices to pick from? You probably know Zambia, or Croatia, why didn’t any of these or any other countries occur to you? How can you choose a country your brain did not give you the option to choose?

2- Marketing Tricks

For a study regarding free will, researches put a product on sale without a buying limit per customer, the average customer buying was 3 items.

Later the same product was put on sale, however with a 10 items limit per customer. If you think this did not affect the number of items sold,you’re wrong; The average customer purchased 8 items instead of 3, even though the price did not change! So, putting one condition (one sentence) caused the sales to go up by more than double.

3- Bacteria

According to a cancer and evolutionary center in San Francisco, there is a type of bacteria that lives in our intestine that can manipulate our brain by sending signals causing it to request sugar intake to fulfill its sugar needs. The number of bacteria in our bodies exceeds the number of cells, so imagine how much could these bacteria be controlling our bodies indirectly, they’re like an apartment renters requesting new wallpapers every now and then. Next time you crave something sweet, remember it’s the bacteria asking for it, not you.

4- Tumors

On August 1966, engineer Charles Whitman killed his mother and wife, then went to a tower in the University of Texas and started shooting people killing 14 people and injuring tens of others until killed by the police on the deadliest day in the history of the school, However, after the postmortem examination of the body, a tumor which is known by astrocytoma was found in his brain which was putting pressure on the amygdala, an area in the brain that is responsible for controlling the offensive tendency of humans; The tumor was determined to be the reason for altering Whitman’s behavior

In the beginning you probably thought he is an senseless murderer, but after reading his story you probably felt bad for him because technically if it wasn’t for the tumor he wouldn’t have committed his crime. Look at the big scale now, many murderers who are behind bars, dead or maybe about to commit their crimes might have underlying conditions controlling their actions without them or their doctors knowing.

5- Genes

Genes are what specify our characteristics, height, hair color, nose size etc. but is it only the physical characteristics? Genes also specify how you react with people, accept others, your sense of humor, rage, and most of your reactions:

– Do you have free will if you have a brain that gets angry faster than other people’s brains?

– Do you have free will if you do not have sympathy feelings, like serial killers who lack sympathy, they literally cannot feel pity for others and killing is like drinking water; Can you blame them for the humanity they were born without?

6- MRI

MRI researches show that humans make decisions before realizing they did. One of the researches started by putting a person in the MRI then was asked some questions, surprisingly the researcher who was monitoring the machine was able to know the answers for the questions the person was going to give seconds before he actually did. Yes, your brain makes the choice before you knowing you did, its like your brain makes the decision and gives it to you.

7- A game you can try with your friends

Ask one of your friends the following “Did Napoleon die at the age of 78?”, if he did not know, ask for an approximation for the age he thinks Napoleon might have died around; then ask the same question to another friend but instead of 78, ask “Did Napoleon die at the age of 31?”, and if he did not know also ask for an approximation.

You’re going to be surprised with the answers, your first friend is going to give an age guess that is close to 78 and the second one is going to be close to 31. So yes, the question itself dictates the type of the answer, Goodbye Free choice.