Meet Graham, the Only Guy Who Can Survive Any Car Accident

He might look creepy, but he is just as human; he’s not real though. Graham is a modified assumption to what a human must look like to survive any car accident no matter how hazardous it is. It makes you wonder, is that how odd humans must look to survive any car accident?


Here is the structure and modifications that were made on the presumably the most immune person to car accidents:

• Well first his skull was given a special shape where it could survive hitting the steering wheel and bouncing back to the seat. His skull was designed to work like a helmet where it blocks any damage from getting to the brain; Graham’s brain also has extra cerebrospinal fluid to absorb extra hits due to any collisions.


• As you can see, he almost has no nose (pushed into the face), and no neck to avoid easy snapping. Also, many extra fatty tissues were added to the chin to tolerate hard hits.


• In addition, his chest bones were enlarged to look like a barrel, same for the ribs which would act similar to an airbag in case of an accident.


• The Chin Bone in the human body is one of the most fragile bones due to the thin layers of skin covering it, that’s why Graham’s legs were supported with extra joints (spring like) to switch the sitting position quickly in cases of emergency.


Just to let you know, the goal behind Graham was not to modify humans genetically but rather to understand the effects of car accidents on our bodies. This will also help us build better vehicles to protect us as much as possible in cases of bad accidents.