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Interesting Facts About Vodka That Will Shock You

1- 25% of Russian men die before their mid-50s due to their high consumption of vodka.

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2- Post WWII, Russia consumed so much vodka celebrating until the country ran out of vodka, literally.

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3- Vodka can be used as an antidote in case your pet ever drinks car antifreeze.

4- The most expensive vodka, “The Billionaires Vodka”, costs $3.75 million a bottle. The vodka is first ice-filtered, then filtered through Nordic birch charcoal and lastly passed through sand made from crushed diamonds and gems!!

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5- Russia banned selling Vodka in WWI which cost the state 300,000 jobs and one-third of its income.

6- Georgy Zhukov, a Soviet red army general liked coca cola but did not wanna be seen drinking it to due to its US manufacturers, so he made a chemist create a formula to make coca cola transparent so people would think he is drinking vodka.

7- Vodka was introduced the first time in Poland in the 1700s.

8- Scoville is the measurement unit to how strong a taste is (i.e. how spicy is a certain kind of pepper is). The strongest vodka made is 500,000 scovilles. The manufacturer seals the bottle with lead seal and an industrial grade sealing wire which would require you using a wire cutter to open the bottle.

فودكا 500,000 سكوفيل

9- Post the Chernobyl nuclear crisis, the Soviet government asked the people who survived the incident to drink half a glass of vodka every two hours because it was thought that it would cleanse their thyroid glands from radiations.

10- Vodka can be good to cool down the heat you get from eating chili and hot pepper.

شرب الفودكا أو أي مشروب كحولي سيخفف من الألم الناتج عن تناول الفلفل الحار

11- Crystal Head Vodka was manufactured in Canada for the first time by actor Dan Aykroyd. While the vodka was in development, “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” was being filmed. Sensing a conflict, Aykroyd arranged to meet with Steven Spielberg to discuss resolving the issue. To Aykroyd’s surprise, Spielberg suggested that he would have liked Crystal Head Vodka to be served at the premiere.

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12- In 1990, Pepsi was bartered for ships and vodka in deal With Soviets.

13- Despite Grey Goose and Cîroc being the most common brands in the market, Smirnoff was favorited by Americans over 21 other brands according to the The New York Times in 2005.

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14- Vodka is mainly made from dry grains (rice, corn, and flour). Also, potatoes, fruits, or sugar can be used as alternatives as well.

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15- The word “Vodka” is among the most 1000 words used in Russia.

16- Psy, the first guy to reach one billion views for his famous “Gangnam Style” video clip, is an alcoholic and considers vodka his “best friend” and “vice partner”.

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17- Some Zoos in Ukraine forced bears to drink vodka, which made them drunk and some even became alcoholics.

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18- There is a vodka museum in Russia.

19- Due to a financial crisis in 1998, over 8,000 teachers in Russia were paid in Vodka.

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20- John Bonham, the famous English rock drummer died due to drinking more than 16 shots of vodka between 400 and 560 ml (equivalent to 9–13 American standard drinks).