Interesting Facts About the Famous “Breaking Bad”

Wether you like the show or not, you must read this

A school teacher that is diagnosed with lung cancer decides to join the drug world to provide enough money for his family if he dies. Here are some interesting facts about the show that won 16 Grammys and was nominated 58 times for different awards:

1- HBO, Showtime, Fx, and TNT declined the offers they got to produce the show thinking it won’t have any success. They definitely regret it now

2- The blue meth started appearing in New Mexico after the show was aired

3- The process of preparing meth and producing it was explained to Bryan Cranston (Walter White) by members of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

4- Bob Odenkirk (Saul Goodman) did not read the full script for the last season, instead he only read his scenes so he can enjoy watching the last season without spoilers

5- Due to her hated character in the show by the fans, Anna Gunn (Skyler) had to take strict security measures due to threatens she got post her role in the show

6- Aaron Paul (Jessy) has never took any acting classes in his life

7- RJ Mitte (Walter Junior) has cerebral palsy in real life but not as severe as presented in the show

8- There is an actual drug dealer in Alabama named “Walter White” who used to produce and sell methamphetamine

9- When writing the story, Jessy was supposed to die at the end of the first season, but the writer rewrote the role for the character knowing that it would be a mistake killing a character that had such a big success

10- The show entered Guinness Book Record in 2014 for the highest rated TV series (99/100) using the Metacritic ratings which is not based on fans’ ratings.

11- Jessy’s teeth were the only thing the writer regretted not changing, because meth ruins one’s teeth and it could lead to the total loss of them unlike Jessy’s teeth which were perfectly white and aligned throughout the show

12- The restaurant chain “Los Pollos Hermanos” is a real restaurant chain called “Twisters”. The chicken figures are still on the restaurants’ walls until today

13- The clothes designer said that Walter’s hat was designed to block the sun from the actor’s eyes to become a part of his personality later in the show

14- The numbers on the lottery ticket that Walter bought and which represented the coordinates of the money hidden place in the show, are in fact the coordinates of the studios where the show was filmed

15- Walter’s underwear was sold in an auction for $10,000 in addition to other belongings like Walter’s book which had the steps to making meth which was sold for $65,000, and Hector’s bell which was sold for $20,000