Interesting Facts About “The Big Bang Theory”

1- Penny’s last name was never revealed throughout 9 seasons of the show.

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

2- Mayim Balik (Amy) is a successful neuroscientist in real life and not just in the show.

الممثلة Mayim Bialik التي لعبت دور ”إيمي“

3- Most music playing scenes are real where many of the actors play different instruments in real life:

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

-Johny Glaceki plays the cello.

-Jim Parsons plays the piano.

-Mayim Bialik plays the harp.

4- The show was copied in Belarus, but it did not last when the channel that was airing it discovered the replication. The characters names were: Sheldon, Leo, Hovart, Raj, and the waitress Natasha.

صورة من مسلسل بيلاروسيا

5- There is a new bee species and a new jellyfish species that was named “Bazinga” honoring Sheldon’s character.


6- Jim Parsons never watched any of what is claimed Sheldon’s favorite TV shows like Star Trek and Dr. Who.


7- Amy’s real name “Mayim” was mentioned in one of the early episodes as a smart woman that was going to compete against Sheldon’s team in one of the games. Two years later Mayim joined the show as Amy.


8- All stairs’ climbing scenes were filmed on one floor where the same scene was repeated to look like they are on different floors.

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

9- The song “Soft Kitty” is a real song from 1930 and it was called “Warm Kitty”.

سوفت كيتي

10- Sheldon’s name was going to be “Keny” initially.


11- All the males except for Howard have seen Penny naked. (He probably planted cameras all over her apartment lol).

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

12- Kate Miuccia who played Raj’s girlfriend Lucy was going to play Amy’s role initially.

الممثلة Kate Miuccia

13- Sheldon’s outfits reflect the mood, red for anger, blue for hope etc.

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

14- Parson (Sheldon) and Cucco (Penny) are the highest paid actors ever, they made $29 million and $28 million annually respectively toping Ashton Kutcher who made $26 million on “Two and a Half Men”.

Two and a half men

15- Raj’s silent shy character towards women is inspired by a real man named Red Person.


16- Penny and Leonard dated in real life, and despite their marriage in the show they broke up in reality after a two years marriage.

بيني ولينورد

17- The names Sheldon and Leonard were derived from the famous director and photographer “Sheldon Leonard” who is considered the inspirer for the directors of the show.

شيلدون لينورد

18- The show started initially with different actors, but the channel that was airing it thought that different actors would bring more revenue and which what happened.

مسلسل The Big Bang Theory

19- Leonard and Lesly worked before in a show called TV Blossom.

لينورد وليزلي