Here Are Your Three Musketeers to Save You From Loneliness

man standing in front of the ocean

This feeling may take deep root inside you, for this deep pain which is coming from the psychological vacuum becomes a part of your daily routine. we won’t lie to you, you are in trouble and you don’t need anyone to tell you so.

That is what happens when we cut our connection with humanity, we will feel lonely like it or not. Despite the despair and absurdity of this feeling we can calm this pain. Here are your three musketeers coming to save you: awareness, acceptance and empathy.


You have to take this important decision to be aware of the details of your experience, monitor your pain and pay attention to the reaction of your body.

The emptiness in your chest, your heavy body, and that dreaded constriction in your throat, all of which are stabilized inside you if you feel sad; allow yourself to cry uncontrollably. ( you are a man and of course you can cry without detracting your value).


A lot of people try instinctively to run from loneliness, some of them try to anesthetize themselves by sleeping for long hours, watching TV, playing video games or trying to distract themselves by doing some activities and tasks.

Like keeping busy and hoping the pain will disappear, but without any good results because this pain will always find its way back to your body and silly activities.

Sometimes people try to get rid of their pain by blaming themselves, and they get lost in a circle of self-criticism and despise, their subconscious gives them hope that if they can identify and fix the problem they can get rid of that pain or at least understand the reason.


Remember that everybody else feels loneliness too, it’s part of the human experience that we all share in some point of our lives, and just as you show empathy to anyone who is lonely you are also worthy of this caring response.

From now on you have to see yourself from an external perspective and begin to comfort yourself.

Yes say it with me now .. it’s very unfortunate that I feel so much lonely!

If you know someone qualified to support and comfort you, contact them without any hesitation, take a deep breath, pick up your phone, send a message or call for the support you need .

Opening yourself for a deep communication with others will make you stronger and reduce your feeling of loneliness.

As strange as the idea holds it, there is a bright side of loneliness so you do not have to get rid of it completely; Your feeling of loneliness is an opportunity for you to understand who is going through the same situation and sympathize with them.

Your loneliness may also be a signal on the nature of your relationships that are below the emotional level, so it would be good to review and try to fix them.

Finally, I want you to keep in mind that this pain that makes you feel separated from the world is the most humane pain, and may be the biggest proof of your belonging to humanity.

Accept your loneliness and be compassionate with yourself. Do not wait for someone to sympathize with you before you sympathize with yourself. We promise that this will reduce the pain and will help you to feel connected with this world again.