5 Movies Were So Unscientific

lucy the movie

Millions of dollars are spent on producing movies, especially action and science fiction, but a small part of it is spent to insure the logic of the events in some of the footage and whether it is scientifically true or not.

But before we review some of these mistakes included in famous movies, we want to insure that movies are not a scientific source and this article is for fun more than for correcting mistakes. After all, movies are for entertainment not to act as physics class.

Here are some of these scientific mistakes included in movies:

1. Star Wars:

star wars

There is no sound in space …yes we won’t be able to hear that BOOM or BOOWEE or any other sound, it will be just a silent war.

Of course we understand why the director violated the rules of physics, sound forms 50% of the aesthetics of action movies.

Away from the sound let’s have a look at the speed of light, I remember the last time I lit the light in the room I didn’t see the light coming down from the flashlight to the ground, its so fast no one would be able to see it moving, but of course Star Wars is different, you can even see the laser light walking beside you, hitting the wall, steering towards you… in some points its so unscientific that the actor can avoid the laser beam by bending or jumping over it.

star wars

Again, the aim of breaking rules of physics is to promote and entertain the viewers and nothing more.

2. Titanic:

Neil Degrasse Tyson took it upon himself to correct some of the movie’s mistakes, when the giant ship sinks there were stars in the sky, but according to the astronomy experts the simulated sky isn’t accurate regarding time and place of the ship hitting the iceberg. because of the director’s (James Cameron ) love for the scientific accuracy he changed the sky to the required shape and bending.

titanic as it sank

Another problem in the movie, and it’s less serious than the one before, is the door that Rose lies upon in her attempt to escape freezing waters, which is according to some physicians and engineering students can fit for both Rose and Jack.

jack and rose from the final scene of the titanic movie

3. Gravity:

The scientific mistakes in this movie are beyond counting, but let’s mention the most popular ones: in one scene, exactly after the collision of the International Space Station, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock fly away…(S.B) and we see Sandra attempting to save her mate by using a rope he was holding on.

george clooney in gravity

In the movie, it appears like there is a gravity force pulling Clooney to the deep space, what power is that? George had a zero speed when he let go of the rope, yet still he was pulled into deep space space! did the director forget that the events suppose to be in space where is no gravity?

Clooney is supposed to remain in place after leaving the rope and his speed stays equal to zero.

Another less serious mistake: while crying in space tears are not supposed to fly, it sticks to the skin. In 2013 the space major Chris Hadfield starts to cry and describes it as very painful. Tears as it appears in the photo will not fall down and won’t float either, but will cling to the face in shape of a big tear.

4. Lucy:

Where should we begin? Oh yes, the hole movie is a scientific mistake, they should’ve called it “Lucy and the flying dwarfs”.

lucy the movie

The most prominent scientific mistake that the movie revolves around is that we humans are only using 10% of our brains capacities, which is so wrong because it is scientifically proven that every human being uses 100% of his brain, 10% is just a myth with zero evidence, but for some reason this wrong information is unfortunately very common.

If we suppose that we use only 10% of our brains, how do you explain climbing walls when Lucy used 100% of hers? Does the power of the brain have given the body new climbing organs? Did the brain power turn her into a lizard?

5. Captain America: Civil War:

In one scene, captain America runs after a helicopter and tries to hang up to prevent it from flying. the scene appears like Captain America is using his power to hold the chopper to the ground stay on the ground.

a scene from captain america civil war

But what power is this? Knowing that he is hanging to nothing.

The only power existing in this case is the power of his weight. Of course the helicopter won’t be affected even the slightest bit about his tiny weight.