20 Facts About the Flat Earth Society You’ve Never Heard Before

Apes can come up with all kinds of ideas, even without proofs !!

flat earth society

1. Flat earthers believe the earth is flat shaped and we live on the surface.

flat earth society

2. According to them all photos and evidences that proof the earth is spherical are fabricated by NASA and the American government.


3. The north pole does not exist, however there is an icy wall along the edge of the earth which no one has ever crossed.


4. They think that NASA has special security companies and officers guarding the wall so no one would ever cross it and reveal “the truth”.

long high icy wall

5. The sun and the moon are spherical planets at a 37km altitude.

flat earth society

6. There are no sunsets or sunrises as we see them; instead the sun and the moon float at a close distance to the surface which concentrates the light on some areas and hides it from others; that’s how day (light) and night (dark) are formed.

flat earth society

7. Eclipses are caused by unknown reasons, but mostly its due to planets called the anti-sun and the anti-moon.


8. Gravity is a delusion. The pulling force to the ground is because the earth is accelerating upwards at a 9.8/ Sec^2 acceleration due to an unknown energy called the Black Energy.

flat earth society

9. Einstein’s relativity is questionable specially that the speed of light could be reached and even crossed due to the earth’s constant acceleration.

albert einstein

10. They believe GPS is manipulated by intelligence agencies to deceive pilots into believing that planes fly through a spherical path, where in fact they are following a circular path around the flat earth.


11. The earth looks spherical from the plane windows is due to an optical illusion caused by the thickness of its glass .

a plane window

12. There isn’t a clear reason for countries to hide the flat earth fact, but some believe its for financial reasons; For example faking the moon landing is cheaper than actually going to space.

man on the moon
Some proofs that the earth is flat shaped according to the Flat Earth Society:

13. The horizon is always straight regardless of the distance or altitude its observed from.

sea horizon

14. If the earth is spherical and rotates around itself at such a high speed then rivers should flow in one direction (with the earth’s rotation) not in different opposite directions.

nature and rivers

15. When designing tunnels and railways why don’t engineers take the curvature of earth into consideration?

a railraod

16. If earth was spherical why don’t pilots lower the plane and change its inclination constantly to avoid ending up in outer space?

plane flying around earth

17. If earth rotates on its axis then planes can stand still in the air waiting for the desired destination to arrive.


18. Space videos according to them clearly prove using a green screen and wires to fabricate them.

man on the moon

19. There are many photographs of the international space station taken by personal cameras which proves the station is just a hologram created by NASA.

picture of international space station

20. Flat earthers have an official website “The Flat Earth Society” where they publish and discuss their ideas.

flat earth society

Before laughing at their silly beliefs, take a moment to think about the silly beliefs you have.