11 Things You Should Never Microwave

Even vegetables could be dangerous to microwave

First of all, Microwave does not cause cancer. However, there are certain foods you shouldn’t heat in the microwave to avoid negative consequences. Here is a list for foods and material you should never microwave:

1- Food that has a sufficient amount of fat like bacon is suitable to be cooked in the microwave, but lean meats like chicken would dry out if you try to cook them in the microwave and furthermore be inedible.

لحم الدجاج

2- Seafood becomes rubbery, like balloons ,if microwaved specially if there is any sauce on it.

طبق جمبري

3- Aluminum or silver like materials would cause a fire if microwaved unless it is labeled to be microwavable.

ورق الألومنيوم

4- Plastic, rubber, or Styrofoam should never be microwaved because that would cause poisonous gases or materials to be released which could blend with the food.

خذ حيطتك من جعل البلاستيك داخل المايكرويف. صورة: Shutterstock

5- Unfreezing meats could cause bacteria to grow faster on the food due to heat which would cause it to go bad if not cooked shortly after unfreezing it. Dana Morel, a manager at Green Chef, says that the safest way to unfreeze meats would be to leave them in the fridge overnight.

لا تستخدم المايكرويف من أجل إزالة الجليد عن اللحم المجمد. صورة: Shutterstock

6- Paper bags are unsafe to microwave due to its high flammability; it also might have glue and ink which could leak to your food and you don’t wanna eat that right?.

لا يجب أبدا وضع الأكياس الورقية داخل المايكرويف. صورة: inxti/Shutterstock

7- Old china plats have lead in them which when heated could also be leaked to your food.

أواني صينية

8- Eggs should never be cooked in the microwave, first it would splash and cause a mess, second it would taste bad.

بيض نيئ

9- If you have a steel cup that you drink your favorite beverage in, then it would ruin your microwave if you try to heat it in it.

كوب السفر

10- Chinese food usually comes in traditional small squared containers, well you should never heat your food in them because some boxes might have the metal handle which could result in a fire if microwaved. It might also have “Bis-phenol A”, which would produce poisonous material that could blend with your food.

الطعام الصيني

11- According to the department of agriculture, certain vegetables like carrots and kale could cause sparkles resulting in a fire if microwaved.